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The programs offered at GERBING software are all Unicode-enabled.

1. GERBING BatchHistogramCorrection (Freeware)

GERBING Software

'GERBING Batch Histogram Correction' is a freeware to correct the histograms of images in batch mode. You can improve pale images by a histogram check and subsequent histogram correction. The reason for pale images is a missing part of the brightness spectrum. The correction removes the paleness, the missing part of the brightness spectrum is produced by software. Even if you own a high-grade digital camera with build-in histogram correction, the camera can not always perform the histogram correction, for example when it was a snap shot and you did not have enough time.

The chance to improve an image by histogram correction is increasing the older the images are. It is quite possible that the producer of the images did not even know what a histogram correction is when he created the images. The program does accept images of the formats 'bmp dib emf gif jpg wmf'. The images can have been produced by your scanner or digital camera or you got them from other people.

The program can also be used perfectly if you only want to find the images for which a histogram correction is proposed. The actual histogram correction you then make manually with your personal Photo editor, using drag&drop from the selected row in the list 'found images with histogram errors' to your personal Photo editor.

This program is part of the package 'GERBING Fotoalbum 14' since version 13.3.11. Users which only want to download 'GERBING Batch Histogram Correction' can do this here.

name of the download file: GERBING BatchHistogramCorrectionSetup.exe

size of the download file: 7,0 MB

software version: Freeware 15.0.1


2. GERBING Cover Advertising (Freeware)

Are you also annoyed now and then by the wriggling and wobbling of intrusive advertising on otherwise very useful and valuable Internet sites? Then you can use an adblocker, for example. But often the use of the adblocker is discovered by the visited web pages and you can continue only after setting an adblocker exception permission for these web pages. You can do it much easier. Just cover the intrusive wobbling with a plain gray field. This field overlays all other fields and can be enlarged / reduced and moved as desired. The advertisement does not disappear, but it is covered. If you start the program several times, you have several fields with which you can cover other fields.

name of the download file: GERBING CoverAdvertising.exe

size of the download file: 1,36 MB

software version: Freeware 1.0.4


3. GERBING WallpaperChanger (Freeware)

WallpaperChanger image

All operating systems since Windows 7 can select a slideshow as the desktop wallpaper. Unfortunately, this must be a single folder. 'GERBING WallpaperChanger' is a desktop wallpaper changer that also includes sub-folders. The program must select a folder where the images are. These may be images of the format BMP, DIB, GIF, JPG. The images may not have the attribute Hidden or System. Images with upright format or other unusable height/width ratio are ignored because they would otherwise be compressed or stretched. For the program to start automatically, it writes its settings to an ini file located in the installation folder. If there is no ini file yet, one will be created.
Program settings are:
-Name of the folder with images
-Image change interval in seconds (values ​​between 10 seconds and 86400 seconds are allowed)
-Image order in alphabetical order of file names or random file names
- After restarting Windows shall continue with the last active image yes/no

After a successful program start, you will see an iconicon with three menu items in the SysTray (notification area of the taskbar)

The images folder does not need write access, but the temp folder must create the temporary bitmap file $ ~ $ GWPC.BMP. because the API function SystemParametersInfo can only understand BMP format. Other formats must first be converted to BMP. If an image fails while loading, it simply takes the next one. For each successfully loaded image, the file name is written to the ini file for a possible Windows restart. When the last image is reached, the first one starts again.

name of the download file: GERBING WallpaperChangere.exe

size of the download file: 1,83 MB

software version: Freeware 1.0.4


4. Android App TodayRenamePhotos (Freeware)

App Screenshot

Why is the app not in the Google Play Store? Because Google requires $ 25 to publish an app on the Google Play Store. My app is ad-free and free of charge and should stay that way, I do not pay a dollar for publishing. What does the app 'TodayRenamePhotos' do  and who needs it? Your photos taken with the camera app have names after this pattern - IMG_jjjjmmtt_hhmmss.jpg. You can give your photos taken with the camera app clever names. You can change all the photos of today in one go. They will get the name chosen by you. The name is appended with a _ and an ascending number. Creation date and time of the photo remain unchanged. You have to do that today. You can not rename the photos of yesterday. This will help you later if you copy the photos to a computer.

You do not need this app if you daily copy your photos to a computer. But if you rarely copy, maybe only once a year, clever names are a great help. You can do the renaming several times a day. Photos that already have a clever name will not be renamed again. This really affects all photos on SD card (or internal memory) in the folder DCIM/Camera and their sub-folders. It does not affect photos in WhatsApp or Download or self-made albums.

For example, you use the app on the first day three times with following names:

'Krakau_Breslau_day1_Wawel' then 'Krakau_Breslau_day1_cloth hall' then 'Krakau_Breslau_Tag1_Jewish quarter'

For example, on the second day you use the name: 'Krakau_Breslau_Tag2_Wieliczka'

name of the download file: GERBING TodayRenamePhotos.apk

size of the download file: 1,53 MB

software version: Freeware v.1