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Image data base, Foto data base, Video data base


Tagging a digital photo with GERBING Fotoalbum is as simple as in the past to write on a mounted slide (see filename list).

GERBING Fotoalbum 15 is an unicode-enabled image data base software to archive find and display your fotos/videos. So you organize your image archive. You can create any number of foto albums. A single foto album is a union of files, data base and programs. GERBING Fotoalbum 15 uses a microsoft access data base or a Microsoft sql server data base.

If you have less than 10.000 fotos/videos on your computer you can possibly find them without a data base, for example by sophisticated names of folders and files.  Users of metadata go a step beyond. Metadata fields are part of each foto. EXIF data is generated by the digital camera. IPTC and XMP data must be generated by the user, it is up to the user to take care for appropriate software to generate the metadata or for software to search for metadata. Even more convenient than the use of metadata is an image data base software for management of very many fotos/videos. Among the advantages of an image data base software are: creating custom keyword fields, the use of stored queries, diverse combinations when searching for keywords with AND, OR, NOT. GERBING Fotoalbum 15 can import keywords from EXIF or IPTC fields but also write back database keywords into EXIF/IPTC fields. With GERBING Fotoalbum 15 you do not need third-party software for generating metadata.

GERBING Fotoalbum 15 can show its power when used by users with 50.000 fotos/videos and more. The care of the data base is extremely simple and the image data base software is concentrated on archiving, finding and displaying. There are no image processing functions. That makes the software simple and clear, and if you need an image processing function anyway you simply can jump to your personal image processing program from the current image.